Sunday, August 14, 2011

LaFitte's Cove Bird Report 8-14-11

I checked out LaFitte's Cove this morning to see if any early fall migrants were present.

The whole of Galveston Island is bne dry in the drought with many ponds along Stewart Road etc totally dried up.

The ponds at LaFitte's are 10% or less of normal area. There were s few shorebirds in the pond across the street from the parking area.

In the woods, neither drip was running and several of the small trees planted in the last year or two since Ike appear to have died.

There were 2 warbler species in the woods.  A pair of yellow warblers were seen first.

Then I found a flock or perhaps 1/2 dozen Black-and-white Warblers.

The most common migrants were empids. There were perhaps 10-12 individual birds, but it is hard to count thses little guys. For those of you who are budding empidemiologists (to coin a word form ornithology and medicine) this is a great place to see several different species at one time.

I have tentatively IDed several of them but will confirm with Texbirds and correct the IDs if needed. here are a couple of Least Flycatcher photos.

This one is a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher (the easiest to ID).

And this one may be a drab juvenile Yellow-bellied, but I'm not sure and will update the ID once the experts have passed judgement.

For people interested in going to LaFitte's for fall migration, the best time is 9-12 noon, as the birds migrate south in the early mornings. This is according to a Galveston Island birding guide.

Resident birds included 3 dove species (Inca, Mourning and White-winged) and Mockingbirds. There were no Cardinals or Woodpeckers seen.

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