Saturday, September 24, 2011

LaFitte's Cove Bird Report 9-24-11

It was a great day again at LaFitte's Cove. The weather was slightly overcast, warm and still. The mosquitoes were out in force, enjoying the half-dozen birders.

There were 10 species warblers seen or heard. I saw Northern Parula, Black-and-white, American Redstart, Prairie, Wilson's, and Hooded. Mike Austin also heard Black-throated Green, Yellow, Nashville and a possible Waterthrush.

Northern Parula
3 species of vireos were seen - Red-eyed, White-eyed and Warbling.

The only flycatchers were empids. Mike Austin IDed Yellow-bellied and Least.

Least Flycatcher

Other songbird migrants were Baltimore Orioles, Gray Catbird, BG Gnatcatcher, Blue Grosbeak and Indigo Buntings.

An accipiter, I think a sharpie, was hunting in the woods and seen 3 different times.

Just before leaving about noon, I found this Chuck-will's-widow roosting on a log about a foot off the ground. I was able to show him to Janet Rathjen and her 2 friends. He was hard to photograph due to lots of vines in front, but I was able to get about 20 feet away and get this one - uncropped. This was my 4th of this specoies to find at Lafitte's so far this fall.


On Stewart Road just past 8 Mile Road on the way to LaFitte's Cove this morning, a cooperative Osprey was sitting just off the road.


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