Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bulletin 256 - Costa Rica 2016 #1 - Parrots and Cuckoos

I made a return trip to Costa Rica in March to try for some birds I missed last year. I had a new guide, Johan Fernandez and we went to several new locales.

There are 2 macaw species in Costa Rica. I found one last year, and found the other, the 35" Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) this year.

Scarlet Macaw
The 9" Orange-fronted Parakeet (Eupsittula canicularis) is green with a tan throat and an orange forehead.

Orange-fronted Parakeet
The 10" White-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons) is green with a white forehead and red around the eye.

White-fronted Amazon
The 14" Yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona auropalliata) is green with a yellow patch on the back of his neck. This one has his head out of the nest hole.

Yellow-naped Amazon
The 18" Squirrel Cuckoo (Piaya cayana) is probably the most commonly seen cuckoo in the tropics. I think I have seen it on every trip. It has a rufous back and head, gray underparts and a long black and white tail.

Squirrel Cuckoo
The next 2 were both lifers for me. The 10" Lesser Ground Cuckoo (Morococcyx erythropygus) was only 15 feet away walking along the ground. It has amazing facial coloration. The bluish on the wings and tail does not show in the illustrations in the bird guide.

Lesser Ground Cuckoo
The 12" Striped Cuckoo (Tapera naevia) is brown with a plain breast and striped head. He has a rufous crest which I saw erected, but did not get in the photo.

Striped Cuckoo
Happy birding and photography,

David McDonald

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