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Bulletin 267 - Ecuador 2106 #1 - Tanagers

I just got back from a 12 day tour to birding spots in northern Ecuador. I used the same guide as last year, Pablo Andrade. We started in the Amazon and visited several locations on both slopes of the Andes as well as way up on the paramo (tundra) at 15,000 feet elevation.

It was a huge success with 137 new species of birds, (23 hummers, 21 tanagers, 5 antpittas, condor) and 11 mammals, and a caiman and anaconda. Thanks Pablo for an amazing trip.

I have been asked to provide the location where the birds were found. I will try to provide proximity information at least to the lodge where we stayed when we saw the bird.

Shiripuno Lodge in Amazon  (SH)
Archidona a town on the east slope  (AR)
San Isidro Lodge at a higher elevation on east slope (SI)
Guango Lodge even higher on east slope (GU)
Puembo - a suburb of Quito at a B&B for birders (PU)
Antisana reserve on the paramo    (AN)
Yanacocha reserve   (YA)
Mindo area on west slope has several close reserves that we visited (MI)

At the end of each bird description, I will give the 2 letter code where the photo was taken.

So here are some of the tanagers. The tangara genus is considered to be the most beautiful tanagers. The plainest of them on the trip is the 5.5" Scrub Tanager (Tangara vitriolina). It is pale green with a rufous cap and dark mask. PU

Scrub Tanager
The  5" Black-capped Tanager (Tangara heinei) is blue with light blue throat and black cap.  SI

Black-capped Tanager
Another blue and black one is the 5.25" Beryl-spangled Tanager (Tangara nigroviridis). Is is several shades of blue.  SI

Beryl-spangled Tanager
And a third one is the 5" Blue-necked Tanager (Tangara cyanicollis). This one has a splash of yellow on the shoulder.  MI

Blue-necked Tanager
A real stunner is the 5.25" Saffron-crowned Tanager (Tangara xanthocephala). We got several good views of this bird from a rooftop deck at San Isidro lodge.

Saffron-crowned Tanager

The 5" Golden-naped Tanager (Tangara ruficervix) is another black and blue one, but he has a yellow patch on the back of his head.   MI

Golden-naped Tanager
The 5.5" Golden Tanager (Tangara arthus) is a bright orange-gold with black markings on wings and a spot on the cheek.  MI

Golden Tanager
The 4.75" Rufous-throated Tanager (Tangara rifigula) has a black head, spotted breast, scaly back and rufous throat.   MI

Rufous-throated Tanager
The last of the these is the 5.5" Flame-faced Tanager (Tangara parzudakii). It is black and blue with a red and orange face.  MI
Flame-faced Tanager

Happy birding and photography,

David McDonald

photos copyright 2006 - 2016 David McDonald

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