Friday, May 6, 2011

LaFitte's Cove Bird Report 5-6-11

I checked out LaFitt'e Cove late afternoon today to look for any stragglers.

Weather was sunny, warm and still.

2 warblers were present - Magnolia and Black-and-white.

Other migrants were several Red-eyed Vireos, 2 Scarlet Tanagers, 1 Baltimore Oriole, 3-4 YB Cuckoos, several Gray Catbirds, 3 RB Grosbeaks, several thrushes - GC and Swainson's, a few unIDed empids.

The ponds are almost gone but a remnant pool under the boardwalk had Pectoral, Stilt, Least Sandpipers; Greater Yellowlegs, and LB Dowitchers.

We will be soon into the summer doldrums.

(c) David McDonald

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