Sunday, April 24, 2011

LaFitte's Cove Bird Report 4-24-11

I was at LaFitte's Cove from 1-4:00pm.  There was a strong south wind and thus few birds.

There were only 3 warblers seen or reported - female Cape May, Blackburnian and Northern Waterthrush. The waterthrush stayed in the drip for about 1/2 hour and caught several worms. He was the yellowish type described in Sibley.

Other birds were Bronzed Cowbird, both orioles, Blue Grosbeak, Gray Catbird, Indigo Buntings, YB Cuckoo. No tanagers or vireos were seen during this time.

Maybe a front this week will bring in some birds, but the last week has been dismal for birders, but good for the birds.

David McDonald
(c) David McDonald 2011

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