Saturday, April 30, 2011

LaFitte's Cove Bird Report 4-30-11

David McDonald Photography
Friendswood Texas

I spent 6 1/2 boring hours at LaFitte's today trying to find some birds. The strong winds from the south indicated a slow day and it was fulfilled. This was perhaps the slowest day in April.

Warblers seen or reported were few - Tennessee, Magnolia, BT Greeen, Common Yellowthroat, Am Redstart, No Waterthrush, Ovenbird, Yellow, Blackburnian - 9 in total and most of these were single birds.

No vireos or tanagers at all. No orioles or Indigos until 4pm. There were several Gray Catbirds and Swainson's Thrushes

You know things are slow when the highlight was a turtle in the drip!

A few photos...

Magnolia Warbler        Yellow Warbler     Tennessee Warbler - female

An unusal sight was a Ruby-throated Hummingbird sitting on the ground in the drip.

Here is the highlight - and Eastern Box Turtle subspecies Three-toed in the drip. It can be called Three-toed Box Turtle as well. Thanks to Cody Conway for confirmation of the ID.

Better Birding hopefully,

David McDonald
(c) 2011 David McDonald

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